We are ‘Finance Tomorrow’, a Blog based in Bangladesh.

In our blog, learn about personal finance, historical finance, digital banking and get up-to-date in the financial world.

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Our goal is to shift the financial knowledge base to the mass people in the world.

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7 things to do if you are fired from a job due to Coronavirus Outbreak

By Ehsanul Hoq A job is not only a job, but it might also be a dream for you. Unfortunately, whenever there is a failure in our system the immediate response is to fire employees. For years, millions of employees were fired from their jobs due to natural and man-made disasters In practice, it isContinue reading “7 things to do if you are fired from a job due to Coronavirus Outbreak”

How Bkash can change the personal finance domain in South Asia?

By Ehsanul Hoq Einstein was known for his groundbreaking scientific theories. But did you know that he was also a good violinist? All the great things in the past came from some creative people who also loved creating art, music and literature. Even many of the modern change-makers like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg areContinue reading “How Bkash can change the personal finance domain in South Asia?”

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Finance Tomorrow

Founded in 2019 by Ehsanul Hoq, is a renowned Finance writer and researcher in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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